Tweetpeek FAQs - Usage Tips and Updates

To help you use Tweetpeek more effectively, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I keep the browser tab open?

Keep the browser tab open 7-8 hours daily. You can switch tabs, just don't close completely.

How do I switch Twitter accounts?

To switch accounts all you have to do is to log in your other account and then refresh Tweetpeek.

If you want to always run Tweetpeek on one account, dedicate a single browser to it.

Why isn't it following more people?

Tune filters to your niche so Tweetpeek follows engaged users at a natural rate.

In the meantime, continue manually following people you like in your timeline. This will further guide Tweetpeek towards your niche.

What's new in Tweetpeek?

We recently added the ability to switch between “NonFollowers” and “Scheduled to Unfollow” in the Tweetpeek dashboard. This gives you more control over managing unfollows.

For more tips, visit our Best Practices, join our Twitter Community or our Discord Community!

We're here to help you succeed on Twitter with Tweetpeek!