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Main Features

TweetPeek.AI – the intelligent choice for growth


Follows people you like. Waits for them to follow back. Unfollows if they don't.


See who doesn't follow back. Engage, or unfollow them. Your choice.


Engagement is key on social media. When you can't find the right words to grab attention, nudge them.


Analyze Twitter profiles with one click to see what they tweet about, follow-back likelihood, interests, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about TweetPeek

Is TweetPeek AI Free?

Yes, TweetPeek does offer a free trial version which gives you 100 free SmartPeeks/SmartNudges, unlimited SmartFollows and unlimited SmartUnfollows for a seven day trial. This is a great way to try our app and see how it can enhance your Twitter experience. If you’re looking for more functionality, you might consider our Monthly and Yearly Offers.

What Do the Monthly/Yearly Offers include?

Our Offer, available for a limited time, includes everything and early access to all our Beta features.

Is TweetPeek AI Secure?

Absolutely! At TweetPeek, we take your security very seriously. We adhere to the highest standards of data protection to ensure your information remains confidential and secure. We do not share your personal data with third parties.

What Are “SmartPeeks?“

SmartPeeks are credits for insights derived from our AI’s analysis of a chosen Twitter profile or for SmartNudges. This includes information regarding the category of the profile, the sentiment of their tweets, how likely they are to engage and follow back and many other insights. It’s like having a personal assistant to navigate and interpret the vast universe of Twitter data.

What Are “SmartFollows”?

SmartFollows are our AI-driven suggestions to follow on Twitter. Based on your preferences, interests or chosen keywords, TweetPeek will find the most relevant profiles which are most likely to followback and follow them automatically. You never have to waste time navigating profiles and choosing who to follow. Your feed will automagically be filled with the exact content you want to see.

What Are “SmartUnfollows”?

SmartUnfollows shows people who you are following and who haven't followed back. And it gives you the option to unfollow these people within Twitter limits. It also notifies you whenever someone you've followed unfollows you. Cool right!

What Are “SmartNudges?

Want more engagement with someone? Click a button and get the best engaging reply to one of their tweets, or an even better mention opening an interesting conversation, just like that.

Can I Switch Between Accounts?

Yes absolutely, you can use TweetPeek with multiple accounts, but only one at a time. SmartFollows will pause whenever you switch your Twitter account. So you will have to reactivate SmartFollows whenever you switch between accounts.

Best Practices

At TweetPeek, we want to help you grow your Twitter presence ethically and effectively.
Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using our platform:

Use SmartFollows Filters Judiciously

Add filters to refine your SmartFollows suggestions, but avoid overly restrictive filters that eliminate too many potential followers. Cast a wide net.

Curate Your SmartFollows Suggestions

If some SmartFollows suggestions don't match your goals, remove them from the Selected list. This helps improve TweetPeek's understanding of your preferences.

Employ Location Muting to Filter Suggested Followers

The location information found in user bios or profile locations can be a useful indicator of whether a suggested follower aligns with your target audience. If you're targeting English-speaking followers, you might find it beneficial to mute locations that don't primarily speak English. To do this, navigate to your SmartFollows page and add these location to the 'Muted Locations' filter, where you can add locations to be excluded from your suggestions.

Use Character Muting to Refine Language Preferences

Twitter's global platform means you might encounter followers who communicate in a variety of languages. If, let's say, you're focusing on an English-speaking audience, muting common characters from languages you're not targeting can be useful. For instance, in Chinese, characters like 的, 是, 不 are commonly used, while in Japanese, characters like 日, 国, 会 are frequent. To mute these characters, go to your SmartFollows page and add these characters one by one on the Muted Keywords filter.

Implement a Strategic Unfollow Plan

Your follower and following lists influence the suggestions you receive from SmartFollows. If you find that the suggestions are not aligning with your target audience, one approach is to unfollow users who are connected to those undesired profiles. To identify such connections, visit a profile that doesn't align with your target audience and check their 'Followed by' list. Unfollowing from this list can improve the quality of your future follower suggestions.

What Is Your Advice on Mass Following and Unfollowing?

We recommend against aggressively mass following and unfollowing users. This behavior looks inauthentic and may get your account flagged. For best results, target users genuinely relevant to your interests and follow back those who follow you.

What Is TweetPeek's Stance on Fake or Bot Accounts?

We do not condone the use of fake or bot accounts on our platform. Our AI tools are designed to help you identify and avoid inauthentic profiles. Using bots or fake accounts violates Twitter's policies and can get your account suspended.

What Causes the "Twitter Temporarily Limited Your Account" Error?

Firstly, it's not a big deal, so don't worry. This error occurs when accounts ramp up activity quickly, especially new accounts. Twitter limits certain actions for a couple of hours to prevent spam and fake accounts. This can happen to any Twitter user and is sometimes triggered when exceeding pacing limits. It usually just goes away in a couple of hours, so you can take a break and get back to growing like never before.

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