Twitter temporarily limitations.

Twitter temporarily limited some of your account features. What is this Twitter error, and how to fix it.

If you've gotten a message from Twitter saying "We've temporarily limited some of your account features", don't worry!
This happens sometimes when accounts ramp up activity quickly, especially new accounts.
Twitter is working hard to fight spam, bots, and malicious accounts that can harm the network.

In some cases, accounts that aren't doing anything wrong or violating their terms of service fall in this Twitter error.
Different things could have fired this for your account.
If your account has a valid and accessible phone number associated, you should be good.

If you don't have a valid phone number or don't have access to it, don't worry. Read the details below.

What is this error?

This error is a soft ban from Twitter that will prevent you to: follow, like and retweet for a specific time frame.

When does this happen?

This error usually happens when you ramp up your follow executions and, in most cases when your account is brand new.
Your account can be exceeding Twitter following limits or have changed the following/unfollowing patterns in the last few days.

Is this harmful to my account?

No, as long as you have a valid phone number and email associated with your account.

How long does it last?

Even though Twitter declares that this soft ban lasts three days, most cases last between 4-24 hours.

What should I do?

Nothing, wait for your account to be re-established.
In the meantime, prevent overattempting actions (follows/unfollows/likes/retweets) or changing any information from your account (profile picture, cover, email, phone number, etc.).

Come back later. If your account is new, consider pacing your activity more gradually.
Aggressive practices from any other third-party tool or manual updates can sometimes inadvertently cause issues like this.
Please follow our best practices to use TweetPeek responsibly and avoid issues.