TweetPeek v0.4.0 is now available! 🚀


24th Aug 2023

Introducing SmartNudge, when words fail, we got just the thing to drive engagement. Engage with anyone with just a click and send a reply or a mention which will get everyone' attention. And also, AI Peeks are back! Now on profiles, with a new name, SmartPeeks! Go to any Twitter profile to try them out.

SmartNudge, a way to create meaningful engagement with anyone through a single click

SmartPeek, analyse any Twitter profile just like AI Peek, with brand new UI/UX and placement

Bug fixes and performance improvements

An even better profile suggestion model


10th Aug 2023

The latest and greatest is here! SmartUnfollows, to find who is not following you back and do something about it.

SmartUnfollows, a way to find who has not followed you back

Notifications, which let you know when someone you follow has unfollowed you

Scheduled unfollowing, in order to unfollow every nonfollower within Twitter policy

SmartFollows filters, to customize the AI model to your taste

Bug fixes and performance improvements

To-go instruction on how to use TweetPeek and what it is

Removing AI Peek, to bring it back in an even better version

2x more accurate profile suggestions


23th Apr 2023

We’re excited to announce our latest release which brings SmartFollows, significant updates to enhance flexibility, a fresh new design, and the ability to create custom prompts.

SmartFollows, a way to automagically find the best people for your following who follow back

A simpler way to AI Peek profiles

More in-depth analysis of profiles

Enrich content with more contextual information

Bug and issue fixes

Fine-tuning of profile suggestions


08th Feb 2023 v0.1.0 makes profile insights as easier as a click.

AI peeks to see profile details with one click

AI analysis of profile tweets, content and engagement

Bot detection and bot behavior analysis

Followback chance analysis

Content and profile categorisation